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Politics and Bullsh*t

"All I wanna say is that, they don't really care about us..."

In recent weeks we've seen notable, affluent African Americans meeting with President Elect, Flaming Hot Cheeto Trump. I, like many of my peers, was disgusted that these individuals thought it necessary to sit across the table from him of all people. I constantly asked "What is the point?" I've heard many people, including close friends, attempt to justify the meetings as a way to bridge the gap and start a conversation with the next administration about how to move the agenda forward regarding the advancement of African Americans in this country. The more I thought about this, the more I realized this whole idea was pure bullshit. Throughout 44 presidencies, including President Obama's historical reign, not once has the African American agenda been a priority, and people think a few celebrities aligning with the Cheeto in Chief is going to miraculously lead us to the "promised land"? Yeah, aight.

No one in politics wants to see African Americans really and truly prosper (unless they're entertaining America via sports, movies, and music). Hell, they don't want to see anyone other than their wealthy peers prosper (ie. everyone in the Cheeto's cabinet and everyone he's met with is a millionaire several times over). If they wanted ALL Americans to prosper, it would've happened by now.


No matter who is in office, aligning with celebrities only helps 2 people - the celebrity and the politician. The politician will pick up a few extra votes and supporters and the celebrity gains more exposure and a bump in sales. These celebrities are nothing but pawns. We saw this with the Obama's and Jay-Z & Beyonce.  They've been aligned for at least 10 years now and our African American communities are either the same or worse than they were ten years ago. That alliance didn't do sh*t for us collectively. So Trump meeting with Kanye, Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis, Jim Brown, and MLK, III is literally for their benefit ONLY. It was never (and likely never will be) about us. And look who he met with - a rapper dealing with bad press who was recently hospitalized for a mental breakdown, a tv show host / comedian with a direct line of communication to a large female following, two stories football players, and an iconic Civil Rights leaders son (just days after dissing Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis). It's all smoke and mirrors. All of these people are just doing this because they assume it "looks good". I never knew you needed Presidential approval to do what was right. Why do you HAVE to align yourself with a politician to help YOUR people??? Asians have a whole ass community of their people thriving no matter who's in the White House - so why do African Americans put so much weight on an establishment that continues to show that we don't matter to them or their agenda?

I used to wonder who we could turn to for leadership, as if we really NEED someone to dictate to us what needs to be done. Quick - Who is the Leader for the LGBTQ community? Who is the Leader for Latinos? Can you name one?? No because you don't need a leader to implement change, you need intention and consistent action. They killed every prominent we've ever had in an effort to stop us, but what if we each led ourselves??? Each one of us knows what our respective 'hoods needs better than any out of touch celebrity or politician sitting in DC. Don't get me wrong, I love Jay and Bey but Jay hasn't lived in the hood for at least 20 years and Bey grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood. Not to say that either of them doesn't care about black empowerment or they don't do charitable work, because they do, but when it comes to building and rebuilding OUR communities, our beloved rappers, singers, actors, actresses, and ball players have fallen short. So guess who has to lead the charge? WE DO! We have to stop waiting on everyone else to give us the green light and be like Nike: JUST DO IT!

How is it that Asians, Italians, and everyone else have come to this country and managed to build generational wealth but we haven't? I know some may argue "because the MAN doesn't want us to have wealth, because the MAN burnt down our wealth when they burned Black Wall Street". So because the "MAN" stopped our great grandparents 96 YEARS AGO, that means we're not supposed to at least TRY again? African Americans are some of the most resilient and hardworking people I know but we have to stop with the excuses. We march, we protest, we sign petitions, but then that's all we do, and when the momentum dies, we carry on with our lives as usual. In order to start seeing and implementing changes for ourselves we need to start reading, researching, and INVESTING! We all know nothing moves in America without the money. Start supporting black owned businesses. If there's one or two or 10 that you know of, spend your money there. The more you spend, the more they grow and if they're growing, they'll need to HIRE more staff to keep the business running smoothly and guess who benefits from black owned companies hiring their brothers and sisters? WE DO! We keep the money and the opportunities circulating in OUR community just like you see in Little Italy, Little Korea, Little Armenia, etc. 

 Produced by BlackDemographics.com

Produced by BlackDemographics.com

 All Im saying is, it really doesn't matter who the President is; he could be black, white, or orange - the only color that matters in this world is GREEN! Until we start learning the power of investment, supporting our own and truly buying back the block, African Americans will continue to see a lack of overall progression year after year. We have a lot of work to do. We need to create more businesses and start generating serious capital so that we can build & operate our own schools. We HAVE to be in charge of educating & empowering our own so that one day, we can give OUR people checks for a minimum of $102k every year because guess what - the Cheeto in Chief aint gonna do it for us beloved!

-Dope Chick Neeks

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