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Hey party people! It's your girl, Dope Chick Neeks! Every now and then I try to keep my ear to the streets and see what's good on the music scene and boy am I happy Jesus pressed my ear to the pavement ON TODAY!!!! Your girl Solange, aka SaintRecords aka Bey's baby sister, aka Sol-Angel aka she radiates black power and coconut oil dropped an album this week called A Seat at the Table and you better believe I pulled up a chair hunty!

This album is everything I never knew I needed! There's two tracks on this album that really got me in my feelings from the moment the sound emanated through my car's speakers: "Tina Taught Me" and "Don't Touch My Hair". Tina (her mom, née Celestine Beyince Lawson) speaks on this track about what it means to be BLACK from her point of view":

"I think part of it is accepting that it's so much beauty in being Black. And that's the thing that I guess I get emotional about, because, I've always known that. I've always been proud to be Black. Never wanted to be nothing else. Loved everything about it, just...
It's such beauty in Black people, and it really saddens me when we're not allowed to express that pride in being Black; and that if you do then it's considered anti-white. No! You just pro-Black. And that's okay. The two don't go together. Because you celebrate Black culture does not mean that you don't like white culture; or that you putting it down. It's just taking pride in it. But what's irritating is when somebody says, you know, 'They're racist!' 'That's reverse racism!' or 'They have a Black History Month, but we don't have a White History Month!'

Well, all we've ever been taught is white history: so why are you mad at that? Why does that makes you angry? That is to suppress me and to make me not be proud."

Is this not the realest thing you've ever read? With everything that's been going on in the country for the past few years, Mama Tina's words are right on time and quite powerful. The second track that I mentioned, "Don't Touch My Hair", likely resonates with so many black women reflecting on their childhood and even today. Our hair is our crown, not a science project to be ooooh'd and ahhh'd, poked at, smushed, or fluffed for your enjoyment. Our hair is our energy, our self-expression, and we will continue to wear it PROUDLY. So please don't be offended when we ask you not to touch our hair. Would you like it if someone were trying to tilt YOUR CROWN?

Overall, the youngest of the Knowles girls really came through with this album. A Seat at the Table is, in my opinion, Solo's best work. It's the type of album you vibe out to in the car, cleaning up on Saturday morning's, or when you need to unwind with a glass of wine and your journal.

Have you heard it? Tell me what you think in the comments!