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Bonus Episode: Brock Turner is a RAPIST

Brock Turner THE RAPIST is a bitch ass, weak ass sucka emcee and former Stanford student that has lived his entire life riding the wave of white privilege. In this episode Three Dope Chicks shares their passionate opinions on this Unjust case.
In the early morning of January 18th Brock RAPIST Turner was caught behind a dumpster by two witnesses riding their bikes past and noticed the woman he was on top of was not moving. After these two heroes confronted the RAPIST, they chased him and pinned him down until he police came. This was the beginning of the Stanford Rape Case.
Earlier this year Brock RAPIST Turner was convicted of three felonies ( Intent to commit rape of an intoxicated /Unconscious, Penetration of an unconscious person, & Penetration of an intoxicated person) But on June 2nd the RAPIST was only
sentence to 6 months in jail and three years probation.



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